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Pattern89 Releases Upgrades To Arm Brands With Instantaneous Ad Performance Insights

The platform enhancements will help brands create decisions based on real-time data and insights.

Pattern89 Releases Upgrades To Arm Brands With Instantaneous Ad Performance Insights
Kelly Lindenau

Pattern89, a platform that uses AI to predict digital marketing performance, added new features to help enhance brands’ insights into ad performance. The upgrades will streamline and improve the customer experience, enable marketers to access real-time predictive performance insights and create and launch top-performing ad combinations via Pattern89’s platform.

The new updates include:

  • Improved functionality and datasets of more than 300 billion data points to help assemble and launch top-performing ad predictions directly in-platform;
  • Dashboards that show the optimization of in-flight ads so marketers can see the immediate impact of their ads;
  • An extended creative lifecycle with custom performance dashboards and simplified alerts to showcase creative performance drivers across funnel stages, verticals, demographics and more;
  • Advanced performance analytics across more than 49,000 creative dimensions that provide insights into how current ads and ad sets are performing relative to their dynamic benchmarks;
  • Increased transparency into AI-powered decisions;
  • Automated, highly detailed, client-ready reports; and
  • A new API to integrate Pattern89’s creative insights with existing marketing automation tools.

“Marketing isn’t about educated guesses anymore — it’s about data and creativity,” said R.J. Talyor, CEO & Founder of Pattern89, in a statement. “Brands and agencies want to use artificial intelligence to unlock the data behind every creative idea, so we listened to our customers and upgraded both the Pattern89 application and our API to power every creative decision they make.”

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