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PFL Streamlines Tactile Automation By Uniting Its Solutions And Platforms

The upgrades are designed to make it easier for brands to create tactile marketing experiences from one platform.

PFL Streamlines Tactile Automation By Uniting Its Solutions And Platforms
Kelly Lindenau

PFL, a tactile marketing automation provider, is merging its tactile automation solution with SwagIQ, now called Experience Enablement, so users can trigger tactile marketing automatically or manually in one product. Additional enhancements were also made to PFL’s Command Center, an inventory and data management dashboard, to streamline attribution to specific marketing efforts.

Experience Enablement is a promotional gifting automation platform that integrates with Salesforce through a partnership with PFL. Now available to PFL users in Salesforce, the enhancements include:

  • The ability to handle large order sizes without depleting Salesforce resources;
  • Streamlined tools for tracking and measuring tactile marketing’s impact on campaign results;
  • Allowing admins to customize the address options displayed in campaign creation; and
  • New support for Sales Shield Platform Encryption for specific objects and fields.

The Command Center enhancements include new order history details, an advanced search feature and export functionality. PFL also made single sign-on available on all its solutions.

“Our commitment to make it easier for customers to deliver a remarkable brand experience is what drives our product innovation today,” said Daniel Gaugler, Chief Product Officer of PFL, in a statement.

“We’ve made it simple for marketing and sales professionals to create intent-driven, personalized tactile experiences on one single platform. And, our scalability, measurement and security upgrades make PFL the only enterprise-grade solution for tactile marketing automation.”

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