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Redbrick Acquires Email Marketing Automation Solution Delivra

Delivra’s email marketing automation platform joins Redbrick’s existing suite of high-tech digital growth products.

David Pepin

Redbrick, the holding organization behind a network of disruptive tech-first companies, has announced it has acquired email marketing automation solution Delivra. The acquisition upgrades Redbrick’s ability to provide marketing teams with the tools to deliver engaging SMS and email marketing strategies.

“Delivra offers in-depth knowledge in supporting digital entrepreneurs and SMBs with the delivery of marketing content through automated and personalized emails. Through the combination of Leadpages, a no-code website builder, and Delivra’s late-stage funnel capabilities, Redbrick’s portfolio is growing with the potential to support entrepreneurs through the digital space with a full suite of conversion tools,” said Tobyn Sowden, CEO of Redbrick.

Delivra now becomes the fifth product offering in Redbrick’s portfolio of subsidiaries. The email marketing automation service will now join alongside its new sister companies: Assembly, Shift, Leadpages, and Rebase.

Since the company was founded in the late 90’s, Delivra has provided its network of business partners with the tools to easily build, boost, automate, and improve email marketing campaigns.

The comprehensive platform sends an average of 200 million messages per month to customers and recipients around the world to increase real-time engagement and overall campaign reach. The solution currently features multiple top users located in diverse industries such as event management, higher education, banking and finance, and ecommerce.

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For Redbrick, the acquisition allows the company to further develop its product offerings for digital marketers. Delivra’s email automation and customer management software will play a complimentary role to enhancing the capabilities of Redbrick’s other four operating companies.

“We are excited to join the Redbrick team and bring the strengths of their robust portfolio as a whole to our customers,” said Barbara Berry, CEO of Delivra. “With our combined digital marketing expertise, we are well-positioned to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with a full suite of tools they can use to cultivate meaningful relationships with new and existing customers.”