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Rollworks Releases Journey Stages Solution To Map Account Purchasing Progression

The new solution empowers marketing and sales teams with more comprehensive insights into their accounts purchasing journeys.

Rollworks Releases Journey Stages Solution To Map Account Purchasing Progression
ABM In Action Team

ABM platform RollWorks, division of NextRoll, launched Journey Stages, a solution that aims to provide B2B marketing and sales teams with deeper insights for go-to-market initiatives.

Journey Stages is designed to map where individual buyers are in their purchasing journeys at the account level, allowing teams to measure account progression and uncover the trends and drivers impacting the buyer’s journey. Go-to-market teams can leverage these insights to plan and measure their ABM program’s effectiveness and build multichannel ABM targeting programs to identify buyers wherever they are in their journey.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Customizable journey stage definitions that help teams choose the most important account signals to track in the user’s CRM, website and other marketing systems;
  • Stage-specific program audiences that leverage account stage attributes to build lists for activation and engagement within the RollWorks platform; and
  • Account Progression Metrics that help users run point-in-time comparisons of various account activity to track buyer journey progression.

“We’re eager to bring this robust set of identification and measurement features to market,” said Justin Cooperman, VP of Product at RollWorks, in a statement. “With Journey Stages and additional journey functionality shortly to come, RollWorks gives marketers a new layer of end-to-end insights to help them better understand the impact of their account-based campaigns, enabling finer tuning of their ABM programs for pipeline progression and revenue growth.”

This story premiered on our sister site, ABM In Action.