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ZoomInfo Drives Insight-Powered Decisions With Chorus.ai Acquisition

The new software partnership aims to help customers make better data-based decisions throughout the sales funnel.

David Pepin

Global software leader ZoomInfo has announced it will be acquiring Chorus.ai, a leading sales conversation intelligence platform, to add new actionable insights to the solution’s capabilities. By focusing on engaging conversations, the move allows ZoomInfo to further provide the most advanced technology to its 20,000 customers.

The $575 million acquisition is expected to have an immediate impact on ZoomInfo’s growth, adding to its nearly $70 billion market.

“ZoomInfo is the only company that can marry a best-in-class data layer with world-class go-to-market applications,” commented Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Founder and CEO. “The acquisition of Chorus will accelerate our vision to deliver a modern go-to-market platform that brings together best-in-class intelligence with comprehensive data management, workflow, and engagement software, empowering companies to effectively execute their revenue-generating strategies. With the largest Conversation Intelligence patent portfolio in the industry, Chorus will advance each aspect of our vision by surfacing a new category of insights, illuminating new workflows, and enabling more targeted engagement at scale.”

Chorus.ai works by taking advantage of AI capabilities to analyze customer interactions. Through detailed analytics, the platform reveals insights that help sales teams drive business. By using keyword tracking technology, sales teams can provide real-time service by creating custom target audiences.

The partnership between the two will give customers the ability to expand visibility and make better decisions in their sales funnel.

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“We are thrilled about the opportunity to join forces with ZoomInfo and bring Conversation Intelligence to every revenue team,” commented Jim Benton, Chorus.ai CEO, who will join ZoomInfo as Senior Vice President, Emerging Products. “ZoomInfo has a bold vision of delivering a world-class go-to-market platform that empowers companies to drive better execution and more revenue. Chorus will play a vital role in helping deliver on that promise with deep, A.I.-driven insights based on real interactions with prospects and customers, a previously untapped source of crucial data about their relationships.”