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 B2B Email Marketing Tools for Tech Marketers

B2B email marketing can be complicated with large list sizes and complicated business relationships. Here are tools to make it simpler.

 B2B Email Marketing Tools for Tech Marketers
Staff Editor

B2B email marketing isn’t exactly like B2C: this market treats business emails differently and with more reverence than the random stuff sent to them from coffee chains and gas stations. So we’ve rounded up some tools that tech marketers can use to better their newsletter sends and make deploying them easier.

The differences between the tools below are based on features in the pricing plans. Some even have extra features like CRM, while others strictly focus on email marketing.

Whatever you choose to work with, consider that of the 83% of B2B companies who use email to drive traffic and sales leads, about half of their marketers claim that email is the most important to their marketing efforts.

If you aren’t using some of these tools to hone-in on your newsletter techniques, perhaps now is the time to try them out!


What list of B2B email marketing tools would be complete without mentioning HubSpot?

“HubSpot CRM is an irreplaceable tool for us that is used also by Sales and the Marketing team. It is perfect for B2B companies because you can see all the data you need from one place,” says Jete Nelke, Head of Marketing at Fooddocs.com.

Features include a reporting dashboard, company insights, deal tracking, pipeline management, and of course, email tracking & notifications. These are all free features, too.


This tool allows you to design easy-to-read, well-designed email sends quickly and efficiently with a building block tool.

With advanced personalization options, unlimited lists and contacts, contact groupings & segmentation, A/B testing, SendinBlue’s features make for a well-rounded solution for most marketer’s needs.

Benchmark Email


Benchmark allows B2B marketers to spend less time on setup and customization.

Featuring an email checklist, drag & drop builder, an automation tool for follow-ups, and A/B testing and reports, Benchmark allows you to invest in stronger relationships with your contacts.


Moosend’s smart segments and forms allow you to keep up with your customer’s expectations and make waves in their inbox.

This tool focuses on flexibility with their drag-and-drop email builder tool, which is great if you still don’t want to learn any HTML but find other design tools a bit rigid.


Flodesk is made for those who have large lists but who also wish to avoid excessive integrations and learning curves. There are only four options (Emails, Forms, Workflows, and Audience), each bringing you through different tools for setting up a newsletter, drip campaign, etc.

Another attractive element of the tool: it’s $38 monthly regardless of your list size.