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M2X: Tech Marketer Episode 4

Episode 4 of #TechMarketerPod explores what tech buyers expect from manufacturers & how to differentiate your company’s CX.


M2X: Tech Marketer Episode 3

An AV industry PR specialist tells us about some PR mistakes she’s seen tech manufacturers make over the course of her career.


M2X: Tech Marketer Episode 2

Do tech manufacturer/software provider websites actually provide buyers what they need to know? Find out on ep. 2 of Tech Marketer.


M2X: Tech Marketer Episode 1

The inaugural episode of M2X: Tech Marketer lays out a blueprint for how we will help marketing departments & product managers target buyers.


What Do Buyers Actually Call Your Technology?

When was the last time you met someone outside this industry who knew what a matrix switcher was? Here’s why marketers should know when NOT to be technical.


Integrator Marketing: Get Your Customer’s Attention

Our integrator-facing sister site’s podcast reviews tips for reaching more potential clients through a better marketing approach.