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Netcore Cloud Announces Plan To Break Into North American Markets

The omnichannel customer engagement platform is designed to impact revenue through customer retention and conversion activities.

David Pepin

B2C customer engagement platform Netcore Cloud, which has served over 5,000 brands worldwide for 23 years, has announced its newest expansion into the North American market. With offices opening in New York and Toronto, the platform aims to bring its personalized digital user experiences to markets in the United States and Canada.

Already a player in 22 markets worldwide and with customers such as Disney, McDonald’s, Puma, and Canon, Netcore Cloud’s customer engagement platform helps brands create digital experiences that boost engagement, retention, and sales conversions.

Netcore Cloud’s platform works by providing users with easy to use products for producing an omnichannel experience. Website, mobile applications, and other communication mediums can all be centralized and customized for a one-on-one customer experience.

“We deliver a highly robust platform designed to help marketers listen, analyze, and build smart 1:1 engagement on multiple channels and at multiple touchpoints across the customer journey, including solutions for email, SMS, and both in-app and on-site push technologies,” said Matthew Vernhout, VP of Deliverability, North America, for Netcore Cloud.

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Perhaps Netcore Cloud’s most powerful marketing tool is its Netcore Cloud Email, an AI-driven email campaign platform with a 95 percent inbox placement rate. Email campaigns can be optimized with customizable insights designed to help brands reach the most engagement. Netcore Cloud’s email campaign platform has been recognized by Gartner as one of its top email-marketing and marketing automation companies.

“We’re expanding our footprint in North America to provide our customers here with even greater levels of service while reaching new organizations looking to enhance customer engagement through advanced automation technologies,” said Vernhout.