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Quartile Acquires Sidecar To Optimize E-Commerce Ad Solutions

The partnership creates the world’s largest suite of cross-channel e-commerce advertising solutions on one platform.

David Pepin

Quartile, an advanced ad optimization platform designed to help e-commerce sellers grow product sales, has announced it has acquired Sidecar. Sidecar is an all-in-one performance marketing technology suite designed to help e-commerce brands advertise on major platforms.

Sidecar features tools that help users optimize e-commerce strategies for platforms such as Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. Combined, the two platforms use AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide brand marketers with comprehensive ad management solutions.

“By combining Sidecar’s best-in-class solution and expertise managing campaigns for DTC e-commerce merchants with our proprietary AI-driven analytics and optimization platform, we will create the most comprehensive and powerful e-commerce suite,” said Daniel Knijnik, co-founder and CEO at Quartile. “The two companies’ complementary businesses, products and relationships will offer unrivaled benefits for our combined customers, employees and other stakeholders across a diverse set of markets.”

“Retail marketers and small businesses are up against great odds when it comes to being seen in online marketplaces. Only 0.1% of products account for around 80% of the sales on e-commerce marketplaces, so brands recognize they need a holistic solution to help them compete in all marketplaces and direct-to-consumer websites,” added Knijnik.

According to the company’s press release, Quartile projects the acquisition will help the company reach $2 billion in advertising spend under management. Around the world, the solution is used by more than 5,000 brands such as Unilever, Burt’s Bees and Thrasio to optimize their e-commerce strategies. The company partners with digital marketplace sellers such as Amazon, Walmart.com, and Instacart.

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Sidecar’s personalized solutions are taken advantage of by some of the top names in multiple industries. Enterprise brands such as Under Armor, Crate & Barrel, and OfficeSupply.com. The advanced technology tools make it easy for customers to effectively search, shop, and engage with audiences on multiple marketplace channels.

“We share a passion with the Quartile team for helping small businesses and large retailers grow their exposure, shopping audience, and brands across channels,” said Andre Golsorkhi, founder and CEO of Sidecar.

“This acquisition is the ultimate example of how we continue to dig in for our customers as their challenges become more complex. By combining the aptitudes and technologies of Sidecar and Quartile, we are continuing to ensure the performance marketing excellence that retailers rely on us for.”