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Terminus Acquires Zylotech To Assist CDP Solution Launch

By adding Zylotech, Terminus invests in customer data intelligence as a means to launch its new Customer Data Platform.

David Pepin

Account-based marketing engagement platform Terminus has announced its acquisition of Zylotech, a B2B customer intelligence platform that uses data to power marketing campaigns. The acquisition enables Terminus to release its Customer Data Platform (CDP), a move aimed at upgrading B2B go-to-market data efficiency.

​​“Bad data in equals bad data out. Period,” said Tim Kopp, Termius CEO. “We’re entering a marketing revolution – data really is the new oil, and Terminus is sitting on a gold mine. Under Matt’s leadership, Terminus CDP is poised to change the game for our customers. This level of data accuracy is critical for B2B GTM teams looking for a unified view into their customers. I’ve never been more excited about the future of marketing.”

Matt Belkin, a 25-year veteran of the SaaS industry, leads the innovation charge for Terminus CDP. The B2B software solution makes go-to-market data more efficient and helps marketers generate valuable leads. Combined with the acquisition of Zylotech, brands such as Google, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco can expect to be able to take control of their campaigns with data.

Since the Boston-based Zylotech was founded in 2014, the solution has been a leader in empowering B2B organizations with actionable customer data and insights. The software’s data governance tools are designed to provide instant information and insights for marketing, sales, and customer experience teams.

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With only 12 percent of B2B marketers reporting they have confidence in the data they use, the acquisition helps lead to more efficient conversion rates, ROI, and team communication.

“Since our early days as an MIT spinout, Zylotech has been focused on delivering the data and intelligence go-to-market teams can trust, and take action on,” said Abi Yadav, Zylotech Founder and CTO.

“Upon meeting Terminus, it was obvious that we shared a common vision. We are proud to join Terminus and this incredible team to jointly improve the accuracy of B2B data.”