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Collab Acquires Trendpop, Enhances Social Content Creation Capabilities

Acquisition adds comprehensive suite of influencer discovery, reach-boosting, and campaign monitoring capabilities to Collab’s platform.

David Pepin

All-in-one creator platform Collab has announced it has acquired Trendpop, a prominent social video marketing platform responsible for analyzing over 1.5 billion videos worldwide. The move is designed to enhance Collab’s ability to help brands maximize their short video campaign ROI on social platforms like TikTok and YouTube. 

“Trendpop’s technology, combined with Collab’s capabilities, allows us to better serve both brands and creators, providing a clearer understanding of short-form video data than ever before,” said Collab co-CEO Tyler McFadden.

“With this acquisition, our brand clients can make better informed decisions about how to best spend their marketing budgets, grow their reach, and activate creators that align with their brand to deliver highly engaging content. We are thrilled to bring Trendpop and its technology onto the team at Collab, and we look forward to working closely with Yoav and Jonathan to make Trendpop an essential platform for brands and creators.”

By integrating Trendpop’s complete suite of marketing features, Collab users will now have access to comprehensive creator and trend discovery tools, as well as actionable campaign insights. Brand marketers can use Trendpop’s customizable dashboards to quickly and easily identify viral trends, manage content, and analyze campaign succeed in real time. 

Since Trendpop was founded in 2020, it has grown into a top short-form video database. Users can take advantage of the platform’s keyword searches and demographics filters to accurately target and contact creators optimized for their campaign goals.

Once campaigns are launched, the platform drives actionable insights with complete analytics including engagement statistics, audience demographic reports, and keyword reach metrics. 

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As an official TikTok creative and marketing partner platform, Collab is designed to help brand marketers and social media creators come together for customized partnerships.

The acquisition expands the company’s capabilities to help global brands access diverse creator rosters, grow campaign reach, and act on key social media insights. 

“We have long admired Collab and Tyler, James, Soung, Eric and the team,” said Trendpop co-founders Yoav Zimmerman and Jonathan Ben-tzur. “They know exactly what resonates with brands and have the reach, roster and capabilities to create some of the most inspiring and exciting campaigns across social media.”