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Emplifi Launches Social Commerce Cloud, Empowering Social Shopping

With social commerce sales projected to grow 35% this year, Emplifi empowers brands with the tools to control customer shopping experiences.

David Pepin

Leading customer experience platform Emplifi has announced it is expanding its social commerce capabilities with the release of the Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud. The solution is designed to empower social media shopping experiences on popular sites like Facebook and Instagram and increase conversion rates.

“Social commerce is the next frontier for cutting-edge B2C brands that wish to connect, convert and monetize today’s shoppers. Social media shops are rapidly becoming the new shopping malls,” said Emplifi CEO Mark Zablan. “We’re excited to release Emplifi Social Commerce to the market to enable our customers to revolutionize the shopping experience, win unprecedented conversion rates and drive revenue gains.”

A comprehensive tool belt of social commerce solutions enables the shopping experience across platforms. Advanced analytics help brands monitor and build automated shopping experiences tailored to their target audiences. The Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud offers users complete features such as:

  • Shop Sync™ — A shop synchronization tool designed to help business organizations scale online shopping experiences and track metrics. The solution allows for integrations across social media platforms to boost reach and engagement.
  • Shop 360 Analytics™ — A product performance analytics solution designed to give brands powerful social commerce insights based on product performance.
  • Shop Clerk™ — A tool capable of guiding the customer journey from discovery to purchase. The feature can answer product questions and provide shopping advice for delivery and pick up information.
  • Social Care — A consumer engagement tool that integrates marketing and operations to assist the customer journey.

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With social commerce sales expected to grow 35 percent in the United States in 2021, the release is designed to help brands take advantage of the growth trends to tap into increased revenue. Social sales are expected to value $36 billion by the end of 2021 and it is projected to grow to almost $79 billion within the next four years.

Emplifi has 25 years of experience supporting brands as they generate valuable customer experiences. The company supports over 7,000 global brands such as Delta, UFC, Bath & Body Works, and Major League Soccer.

Across brands the solution supports over 28 million social media profiles that host over a billion monthly customer interactions. Every day, the solution analyzes over 138 million VoC data points to enable the most advanced data-driven customer experiences.