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Hootsuite Announces Changes And Upgrades Coming In Q3 2021

The new features focus on user personalization and easier to navigate tools that help businesses connect with their customers.

David Pepin

Hootsuite, the social media management platform utilized by over 18 million users, has announced a new edition of capabilities set to launch in Q3 2021. The new set of features focuses on building upon 2020’s improvements to the service such as streamlined platforms, personalized support, productive workflows, and more.

Focused on creating better insights for its users, the new features focus on connecting with customers, digital intelligence, activating workforces, risk mitigation, and better experiences with Hootsuite as a service.

Connecting With Customers 

The new updates to Hootsuite are developed to provide customers with the most tools to get the most out of their insights. The Planner and Composer module will now have time recommendations for the best times to post content so maximum engagement can be achieved. The feature reads the platform and audience size you wish to reach, and compares them with previous performance data in order to determine how to best engage customers.

Instagram direct messaging will also be available during Q3 to help streamline communication processes. According to Hootsuite’s own Digital 2021 Report. over 60 percent of business organizations will increase their investments in Instagram throughout 2021.

The updates also aim to educate its users by providing icons that explain where metrics come from and what they mean.

Digital Intelligence Capabilities

The New Guided Search has been improved to allow for further edits and customization to help target data origins. Suggested query inputs also help streamline data searches for users.

Activating Workforces To Reach Customers

Q3 2021 brings with it an increased emphasis on connecting with audiences through workforce. The Amplify feature will soon be able to filter its content by language, allowing for greater efficiency for multilingual organizations. The system can also use machine learning to automatically determine what language each post is in and tag it within the post.

Protecting Against The Risk

The new updates include increased security features to protect assets and information. A new permission preset called “Responder” allows organizations to control comment and audience engagement capabilities for team members within the organization.

The Hootsuite Interface 

Q3 will be highlighted by three key changes to the digital experience of using Hootsuite. First, paid plan users will have the ability to pin analytics to their tool bar, allowing for easy navigation and access of key metrics.

The Composer experience will also be changed, moving new content right onto the newest version of the feature. Finally, the Hootsuite mobile app will allow users to choose between a “light” and a “dark” mode for the interface.