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Movius Acquires AI Customer Experience Solution Intentico

Intentico’s mission is to resolve 90 percent of all customer inquiries in under a minute, optimizing customer engagement.

David Pepin

Industry-leading corporate mobile communications solution Movius has announced it is acquiring Intentico, an AI-powered cognitive customer experience company focused on deploying AI and machine learning into customer interactions. The move is designed to enhance Movius’ capabilities to engage customers and gather consumer insights.

AI-driven communication intelligence represents a massive opportunity in the digital communications space, and we’re bringing it to life with Intentico’s leading technology and engineering talent,” said Ananth Siva, CEO of Movius.

“By adding real-time intelligence to all digital communications channels including voice, text, and consumer messaging like WhatsApp, Movius will enable organizations to communicate more effectively and efficiently, personalize the customer experience, and drive better business outcomes.”

Intentico works by providing businesses with products such as speechbots, chatbots, and social media bots that are able to respond to customer inquiries quickly and accurately. Research suggests that AI can help accelerate customer response time by up to 99 percent, turning problem resolution time from an average of 10 minutes to only a few seconds.

With 96 percent of customers reporting that customer service experiences are key to their brand loyalty, AI has the power to create and nurture lasting customers. Intentico brings powerful AI and machine learning tools to Movius, automating voice and text interactions across various mobile channels such as text messaging, WhatsApp, and voice communications.

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The move helps Movius’ customers around the world such as JP Morgan, UBS, and Helio Health optimize their mobile communication capabilities.

“This acquisition allows the power of Intentico to mine through the vast volumes of interactions on the Movius platform. By giving 100% visibility into client conversations across channels, we can turn every interaction into business-improving insight. I’m excited to embark on this journey and look forward to the opportunities ahead,” said Intentico CEO Satish Medapati.

The new partnership is expected to release its first combined capabilities in Q4 of 2021.