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Muvi Releases New Notification Management System

Konviare is designed to help organizations manage their notification strategies and gather powerful insights into their audience engagements.

Muvi Releases New Notification Management System
David Pepin

Muvi, an industry leader in audio and video streaming, has released its newest notification management system designed to help organizations manage their notifications across multiple channels. Konviare is designed to help businesses fully control notification creation, editing, updating, and management from a single platform.

Konviare has the capabilities to help marketers support and streamline new subscriptions, purchases, and contact requests for multiple platforms such as SMS and email. The service aims to make notification systems easier to use, without the need to alter coding to make changes.

With Konviare, users can choose from a number of customizable templates, as well as make their own. Notifications can be set up and managed quicker than ever, and users are provided with insights in real time. The below bullet points are a summary of the service’s capabilities:

  • Managed Notifications: Easily create, edit, and analyze notifications
  • Triggers: Using APIs, launch personalized messages with customizable triggers
  • Multi-channel: Engage audiences across multiple digital platforms
  • Third-party integration: Seamless integrations with other management solutions
  • Audience Management: Edit and manage audience lists
  • Content Creation: Optimize content using customizable templates
  • Audience Insights: Gather valuable analytics and reports
  • Integration Capabilities: Konviare can be integrated with multiple other solutions

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“The requirement for a multi-channel notification management system is growing fast. And most of the companies prefer to have less-complicated notification management platforms. Konviare aims to meet these criteria while answering the challenges of editing or changing notifications as per the customer needs,” Viraj Mehta, Head of Marketing, Muvi commented. “The exclusive features of Konviare, such as a single UI and very little need for technical knowledge are projected to provide fast and simple solutions for creating & managing notifications across diverse industries.”