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New Research: Online Marketing Channels Drive Success In 2020

88 percent of marketing success in 2020 was due to online channels, and the market shows no signs of slowing its pace.

David Pepin

According to a new study by Impression, online and social media marketing channels led the way to success for brands in 2020. In a socially distanced, virtual world, it’s not surprising that 88 percent of marketing success can be attributed to online marketing channels.

Specifically within online channels, social media performed particularly well in terms of getting a return on investment.

When lockdowns and restrictions were first introduced in March 2020, most social platforms saw a dramatic spike in usage. Facebook saw a 50 percent increase in messaging around that time, and WhatsApp experienced a 40 percent boost in usage.

TikTok saw growth every month that saw them add over 12 million new users.

The study revealed that around 80-90 percent of people use online news and entertainment outlets for almost 24 hours every week. People are using social media more than ever, with 46 percent of women and 41 percent of men reporting increased usage since the start of lockdowns.

For brands, this represented opportunity that has never been seen before. Despite the crisis, brands that were able to personally connect with audiences on a community level were able to build meaningful relationships, contributing to brand loyalty.

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With the lockdowns forcing consumers into digital buying practices, people are more comfortable than ever with social commerce. Most brands and consumers have already embraced the digital buying landscape.

For brands, the secret to success is being able to customize content and connect with their audiences on a personal level.

In 2021, the social commerce market is a $89.4 billion global industry. The United States alone takes up a $26.9 billion share of that total number.

And this may just be the beginning for the market, with some models forecasting the global social commerce market to skyrocket to $600 billion in 2027.