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Similarweb And Embee Team Up To Advance Mobile Insights

The acquisition combines two market leaders under the same goal to improve digital and mobile insights for enterprise users.

David Pepin

As the world continues to rely more and more on technology, the digital analytics market is poised for massive growth. Research suggests that by 2024, the market will grow at a CAGR of nearly 22 percent to reach a size of 17 billion in growth. 

One of the industry-leading digital intelligence companies, Similarweb, has announced it has acquired Embee Mobile in a move designed to boost its mobile audience insights capabilities. Embee’s digital data measurement features will empower Similarweb to improve its performance in mobile application analytics.

“We believe Embee’s metered panel is one of the largest in the world, and it adds a new dimension to our highly differentiated approach to digital measurement,” said Benjamin Seror, Similarweb Chief Product Officer. “With consumers spending increasingly more time — over four hours per day — on their mobile devices, the granular insight into mobile app usage that Embee enables is more valuable than ever, across a wide variety of industries and use cases. Beyond this, Embee positions us to introduce additional exciting new market research capabilities in the future.”

Similarweb is one of the top platforms for marketers around the world to measure and analyze their digital strategies. The solution is trusted by many of the top digital brands such as Google, Adidas, Walmart, PepsiCo, and Adobe. 

The online traffic data helps provide deep market insights in 210 categories to users in 190 different countries. Its software supports 100 million websites and 4.7 million apps located in nearly every major market segment. The acquisition will bring Similarweb’s diverse customers benefits such as: 

  • Mobile App Analytics: Embee’s technology will allow Similarweb to upgrade its behavioral and performance data metrics to allow users to gather deeper insights.
  • Customer Journey Data: Combining behavioral and qualitative survey data will allow users to better understand their customer journey’s on mobile applications to improve ROI. 
  • Digital Performance Insights: Users can take advantage of a complete array of data analytics for desktop and mobile web consumer behavior insights.

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“Similarweb has rapidly become the standard for companies to gauge their web and mobile-web competitiveness,” said Russell Tillitt, Embee CEO and Co-Founder. “Embee and Similarweb have already been working together for years and we have much in common — we both share a passion for creating innovative digital measurement technologies with a commitment to data privacy and ethical research. We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Similarweb.”