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Smartly.io Research: Social Media Multi-Platform Ad Spend Trends In 2022

More than half of North American B2C customers already dedicate 50 percent or more of their marketing budgets to social media advertising.

David Pepin

It’s no secret that social media has established itself as an influential player in marketing strategies and in everyday communications. The social media advertising market is one of the most commonly used digital advertising channels around the world, and it is still growing at a rapid rate.

Smartly.io, one of the industry’s top platforms for creative and performance marketers, recently announced new year-over-year research revealing some of the changes and trends in social media ad strategies that will define 2022. The State of Social Advertising Report features survey responses from 100 North American B2C business leaders located in diverse industries such as eCommerce, retail, gaming, travel and financial services.

Considering the size of social media in today’s digital advertising strategies, it is not shocking to discover that 51 percent of respondents replied that social media advertising commands at least half of their marketing budget. Top platforms for 2022 include Facebook (98 percent usage), Instagram (94 percent usage), and Youtube (88 percent usage). However 2022 will further incubate the market development of TikTok, which grew from 34 percent usage to 43 percent in 2021.

The report discovers that in 2022, many business organizations will plan to increase their social advertising spend. Facebook again leads in this category with 87 percent planning on increasing ad spend on the platform.

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Marketers also plan to involve creative automation into their advertising strategies more, with the percentage growing from 13 percent last year to 31 percent this year. Both in-house and outsourced social media marketing strategies are expected to see a 29 percent growth. In addition, marketers will plan to invest more into the tools they need to produce social media content, with 26 percent planning to invest more in this category.

“We aren’t surprised to see more brands diversify their ad spend across multiple social platforms,” said Riikka Söderlund, Global Director of Marketing at Smartly.io.

“As more touchpoints become available, the consumer journey becomes more fragmented, making it even harder to predict and capture consumer attention. In light of this, and as capabilities and offerings across social media expand, we are seeing a multi-platform approach take center stage this year. This combined with increased interest in automating at least parts of the social advertising process will help advertisers expand their reach in order to meet customers at every step and stage of their journey and communicate a cohesive brand story.”