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Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers

Try these B2B social media tools if you’re looking to save time while also gleaning more from your followers (and find new ones).

Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers
Staff Editor

In the B2B marketing space, social media isn’t just about likes and comments — it’s about brand awareness, education, and driving leads that you can turn into paying customers.

Above all, B2B social media is about building a community for your target audience. To do this, you need a strong strategy and some tools to help you manage, monitor, and measure your presence.

Rob Freedman, VP of Marketing at Fourlane, says his company needed a simple yet functional platform to calendar posts, track engagement, and push messages out on multiple platforms at once.

Additionally, without a platform, they could not collect the invaluable ROI data they need to make decisions on content and timing.

“By adding on the social selling platform to our mar-tech stack, we provided our teams with a simple way for them to share out industry and Fourlane news to their networks,” Freedman says.

“We really like an email share function as it allows users to send our social updates, videos, and blogs to customers and prospects who are not on social. It is all about making connections for us and these tools make it easy and the results, measurable.”

Here are some B2B social media tools for marketers:

Scheduling and Management

According to Annie Raygoza, Director of Client Services at WebEnertia, an excellent social scheduling tool is crucial for managing your content calendar.

At WebEnertia, they use Hootsuite to manage accounts and track the growth of their online presence.

Hootsuite can be considered the “OG” of social management tools, with the ability to organize accounts on one dashboard, making it easy to see an overview of scheduled posts, live posts, DM’s, follow hashtags, and more.

“Their analytics feature is a go-to during our quarterly reports for a quick overview and comparison of different channel performances,” Raygoza says. “However, you do need to upgrade to more expensive packages for a more in-depth analysis.”

M2I uses Hootsuite for scheduling tweets. Follow us on Twitter here.

“Our favorite feature is the publisher tab that lets you schedule content months in advance with the ability to shorten and track your URL links.”

Hootsuite also has a free version giving you limited features such as managing three social profiles and 30 scheduled posts/month.

One of the things that makes Hootsuite so great is the online community they’ve built. They offer free training, courses, resources, and great content on their social media accounts, making it a one-stop hub for news, updates, and inspiration for all social media managers, Raygoza notes.


Google Alerts is a free tool that sends email updates whenever keywords are used online.

“This is a great free option to stay on top of the competition, client updates, company mentions, potential crises, trends, and questions in a niche,” Raygoza says.

There are limits to using this as a monitoring tool, such as no analytics and not 100% accuracy, but it is still a great tool to keep in your social media management toolbox.


“At WebEnertia, we use Adobe Creative suite, but Canva is an excellent tool for building beautiful graphics and presentations quickly when you don’t have much design experience,” Raygoza says.

By upgrading to the pro account, you get access to stock images, premium templates, and the ability to schedule content for up to 8 platforms.

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