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Amy Wesely, 

I was made aware that you’re spearheading a wellness package aimed at integrators and was wondering if I could talk to you briefly about that.

Specifically, I’d ask you about the best way to approach integrators with new products/messaging. I’d do something along the lines of a case study on the evolution of the wellness category as an example of how manufacturers can best launch a new product category.

Here are some of my thoughts on helping the integrators incorporate Wellness:  How to educate the dealers on the Wellness topic?  Simplify the discussion and they definition; how make integrators comfortable with the offering of wellness packages?    How to present to builders?  How to deliver the message to consumers?  How to simplify the explanation of a Wellness package and the products it could include?

I have had experience with the IAQ topic when presenting to dealers, they get all wrapped up thinking it involves the HVAC system, which is part of it,  but that is not the totality of IAQ.   Then the dealers get all concerned that they will be messing with the HVAC vendors, and builders will get upset.  Or that the Wellness claims presented regarding IAQ are somehow going to come back legally on the dealer.  And this is just the IAQ category; I am sure there is similar “brain fog” with other product categories.

I have also observed that Builders do not have a clear understanding of a wellness package.  There is not an industry definition.   I have seen Healthy & Wellness being use for low-VOC paints and green energy.   Again, a chapter in the book, but not the complete story.    Integrators have the opportunity to get on the front of this and define what the package will be.   Integrators should educate the builders on the Wellness Topic and how our CE products fit into this category and benefit the buyer.



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Could you give me the backstory about this wellness package aimed at integrators? What will it be and how did it come about?


Do you think manufacturers in other product categories can use this as a means to target integrators?