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M2I + NSCA: Get the Most Out of Your Event Leads

Companies invest a lot of money in both live and virtual events. Learn how to develop a robust plan to maximize your event outcomes as well as nurture leads.

B2B companies spend 30-50% of their marketing budget on events. That’s a lot of money. But are they getting the most out of this spend? To maximize your live and virtual event budgets, you must go into each event with a plan as well as a cohesive post-event lead scoring and nurturing strategy.

Join Marketing to Integrator for our upcoming webinar on October 19 at 2pm ET entitled “Get the Most Out of Your Event Leads”. You will hear from industry experts and gain real-world tips for optimizing your live and virtual event spending.

  • Adam Forziati, Senior Web Editor at M2I, will moderate the roundtable discussion
  • Max Johnson, Senior Marketing & Channel Manager at NSCA, will share event marketing tips he has developed for their manufacturer and software company partners
  • Sherry Qualls is CEO and Owner of White Good, a fully integrated marketing agency, and will share expert insights they provide to their manufacturer clients
  • Jason McGraw, Group Vice President at CEDIA Expo and KBIS, will share advice to better maximize event leads

If you have ever struggled to justify the cost of your events or wondered if there is more you could do to get the most out of your investment, this is the webinar for you. We will share insights from industry veterans that will make an immediate impact on your event lead nurturing process.

We can’t wait to connect with you on October 19.

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