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Casted Helps Marketers Create Podcasts That Drive Marketing Content

The platform provides users with an all-in-one solution to hosting podcast content and measuring analytics.

Casted Helps Marketers Create Podcasts That Drive Marketing Content
Solution Spotlight

Casted, an all-in-one B2B podcasting platform, is designed to empower marketing teams to access, attribute and amplify their podcasting content and improve and drive their overall content marketing strategies.

Quick Details

Casted serves as a host for publishing a user’s audio content, amplifying their podcast’s reach across digital channels and preventing the content from being siloed. While serving as the host, the platform captures audience engagement data for measuring the content’s impact on marketing performance.

The platform provides users with tools for customizing their podcast show’s pages, transcribing the episodes for optimal SEO and embedding them onto websites. Casted also allows users to create additional written, clipping and audiogram content for easy integration into other platforms such as Hubspot, Word Press, etc.

Target Market

Casted is designed for mid-market and enterprise marketing teams who are looking to improve their content marketing with audio formats.

Why Is It Special

Casted aims to help align various internal teams by increasing the number of teams who have access to the audio content, allowing each to team to use the platform to amplify the content across their respective channels, including sales outreach, email marketing and more.

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