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Gong Releases App Available For Zoom Integrations

The app aims to empower sales professionals as they continue to take advantage of virtual customer engagements.

David Pepin

Nearly every business sales organization was effected in one way or another by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many were forced to learn and adapt to virtual meetings and communications, a dramatic shift that was quickly forced upon us. In the post-pandemic world, sales professionals continue to utilize video communication platforms like Zoom as a normal part of daily business.

Revenue intelligence platform Gong has announced that it will be integrating its capabilities with a new app for Zoom, designed to empower sales professionals using Zoom meetings.

According to a McKinsey & Company survey, over 75 percent of buyers and sellers now prefer remote engagements over in-person interactions. This is indicative of one truth: virtual meetings are now a permanent part of doing business.

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When sales professionals are taking notes and have to switch through different applications in virtual meetings, they can often get distracted and end up wasting valuable time. However, the Gong app for Zoom allows users to collaborate and scribe notes without having to switch out of the Zoom application. Gong also analyzes data for its users to create valuable insights into customer interactions.

“The new Gong app takes two tools that sales pros find invaluable today – Gong and Zoom – and makes them even more useful,” said Chief Product Officer of Gong, Eilon Reshef. “We’re enabling revenue professionals to stay engaged in customer conversations by plugging into their daily workflow.”