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Six Affiliate Marketing Tools Tech Marketers Should Be Using

Existing affiliate marketing programs can help marketers quickly expand reach and their number of sales contacts.

David Pepin

For many tech marketers, affiliate marketing strategies can be an efficient way to monitor their cooperative programs with integrators and upgrade product performance. Expanding contact bases from scratch can be time consuming and sometimes ineffective, but with co-op marketing strategies like affiliate marketing, tech marketers can use existing tools to quickly team up with integrators to drive revenue.

Affiliate marketing presents a great opportunity to partner with these organizations to quickly expand reach and grow sales contacts. Partner organizations are paid a commission based on how they perform in g
enerating new leads and site traffic.

Our new download “Affiliate Marketing Tools Tech Marketers Should Use” provides users with a comprehensive guide designed to show some of the top affiliate marketing platforms you can use to upgrade your cooperative programs.

“When you’re going to launch the program it’s an experiment. You have some assumptions, but it’s still a hypothesis,” says Iryna Kandrashova, Head of Marketing at UXPressia. “You can’t be 100% sure that an affiliate program will work

well for your product or application. That’s why I believe you shouldn’t put too much effort into the whole initiative and it’s better to find an existing solution.”

Tool To Use

The report summarizes several of the top tools that marketers should consider when testing out affiliate marketing programs:

  • Rewardful is an easy-to-use software for designing and producing affiliate and referral programs. Its comprehensive platform allows users t
    o run multiple affiliate programs from a centralized dashboard with in-app customer referral programs. Integrations include Mailchimp, Customer.io, and ActiveCampaign
  • Ahrefs is a tool designed to help keyword growth of websites used in affiliate marketing programs. The tool helps users compare their metrics to competitors and identify gaps in SEO strategy. The tool is used by some of the world’s top brands like Adobe, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Uber.
  • BrandVerity features tools designed to keep affiliate marketing programs free of dishonesty. Its reputation software ensures affiliates set goals to drive true incremental revenue and better customer relationships.
  • Similarweb can be used to better understand and analyze site traffic. The tool can pull conversion rates and compare them to competitors to give users a competitive advantage.
  • Redirect Path is a browser extension designed to ensure affiliate links create quick and easy experiences for customers. The extension helps check whether links are causing a ‘loop’ or if they are going through multiple redirects.
  • Ubersuggest is a tool for optimizing keyword research, measuring SEO, and monitoring competitor performance. The tool from Neil Patel allows users to study tactics that work for competitor SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing strategies.

Download our full report about affiliate marketing tools here. See all of our monthly research reports here.